Vegan joke!

A vegan guy is shopping at Whole Foods and takes his little canvas tote bag to the checkout, where an attractive check-out girl rings up his purchases.

She notices that his shopping consists of: one apple, one orange, one cereal bar, one container of tofu, one can of V8, and a small loaf of bread.

She looks up at him and asks: “Are you by any chance single?”

Vegan guy can’t believe his luck and, thinking he’s ‘in’, smiles back and replies: “Why, yes! Actually, I am single! What makes you think that?”

She responds: “'Cos you’re fucking ugly!” Ha ha!

This joke might be offensive to some, but it’s funny. :laughing:

I don’t like this kind of joke. Someone must be offended if they read it. I know its funny but not all who will read it will laugh or something. This is joke is insulting.

How is that funny sorry :S

you got me there !!
thanks for it, i will sure pass it on :slight_smile:

Very nice…

Yeap, good joke) but it’s right, it can offensive to smb)