Vegan in India

I’m a vegan working in Sadhana Forest, India, a strictly and compassionately vegan volunteer community. I’ve looked all over the world for a place like this, so I’m trying to spread the word to my fellow veggies. Please come visit! It’s unlike any other eco-village out there in that we respect all life including animals used for food.

We’re looking for vegans!, tree-planters, vegan food-preparers, unschooling leaders, yogis, meditators, compost know-it-alls, permaculturalists, animal lovers, people persons, and generally happy travelers looking for a place to volunteer to help us with our reforestation efforts. We’re trying to replant 70 acres with an endangered dry evergreen forest. We offer free accomodation for our volunteers! The food is organic and fresh, and the electricity is solar-powered.

For more information, please see our website. Happy travels! and don’t forget, “ghee nahee” means “no ghee” in Hindi. :slight_smile:

In India, mostly vegetarians are lacto vegetarians; we do come across very few Vegans. People here are ignorant about animal abuse and animal ingredients in so many foodstuffs & clothing and other accessories.

Cruelty against animal is going up everywhere here too. People need to be educated regarding Vegan life to stop these cruelties, which requires promotion and education of vegan life (healthy life-Compassionate life). We have taken an initiative to change the food habits, clothing pattern, accessories of the follower of vegetarians (veggies) and non-Vegetarians both.

After enjoying Jain dietary codes and Vegan life (Animal free food and clothing & accessories) we have commenced a Vegan education Center in Indore, and we hope to make it a big success. Promotion of this first useful website on “Vegan and compassionate life” in India is one of its part also and a milestone towards it.

I had chosen veganism a few years before because the whole animal slaughter thing became too difficult to ignore. I knew that most often the motivation for vegetarianism in India was more religious than animal-inspired, but the idea that an entire country could strive for ahimsa towards animals seemed both astonishing and perfect.

That first day in India, taking in the barrage of things foreign and unknown on Mumbai’s streets, one thing stood out: Nearly every restaurant had a sign that marked itself as “Veg” or “Non-Veg.” Entire restaurants devoted to vegetarianism? I had died and gone to heaven!

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Thanks for sharing this nice post here with us.

You can find vegans in Tallin.

India is basically vegan country and most of people are vegan. You could find so many places offering only vegan food here.

I found here helpful and precious information. I am grateful for that.

As far as I know they are not vegans, they are vegetarians, they still consume cow milk.

Yes you are right but they

I thought animals are respected in India, especially cow. They are worlds largest milk producer country.

Yup! India is a vegetarian country. I really like this place a lot. It is a collection of different languages, cultures and many more. :smiley:

Approx. 70% Indians are vegetarian and this is only the country who had introduced most famous physical exercise yoga in all over the world.

Always love india… very beautiful country

Hi, Nice to hear that there are people like you in India. I would say India is a mix of all type of People, Vegan and Non Vegan. There are Non vegans those who really do care about animals and work to protect them. Whilst travelling, I have met few people who are like that. If you require any travel info, please visit for travel articles