Vegan in Amsterdam

Hello, my name is Ferran, I’m from Barcelona (Spain), but I live in Amsterdam, from 2 weeks ago. I like a lot this city and its people.
I’m vegetarian from I was born, and vegan from 2006. My first reason is animalist, and the second is pacifist (vegan feeding make people more peaceful)
My mother languages are Spanish and Catalan, and I speak English and French with average level. I will learn Dutch as soon as possible.
Now, I’m searching a job here in Amsterdam. I prefer a job in a vegan or vegetarian place, but I accept any job I can do.
If anybody want contact with me, my e-mail is: and my phone: 0633696906 (from The Netherlands) and 0031633696906 (from other country).

Hello there Ferran! Good luck on your job hunting… Hop0e you’ll find a job soon… Welcome to the vegan forum :smiley: