Vegan icecream made without an icecream maker

Here’s the link. Scroll half way down to find the vegan recipes: … m-machine/

I hate having lots of appliances; I like to own something that performs multiple tasks. The recipes call for only a blender or food processor.

Alas, the recipes call for 1/2 cup oil: I wonder, if instead, I could use a little light smart balance or other vegan margarine. Oil, while generally healthy, is total fat, and a lot of fat of even plant sources is very caloric to be sure…

This is fun… Making our own ice cream… hope or blender will work for the frozen ones… I wanna try the chocolate one… Thanks :wink:

Hi Friend, Thank you for sharing that one recipe with us of the members of the forum, I like to have ice cream recipe’s so much and wanna eat it regularly. :slight_smile: Thanks again for sharing. :cheers: Keep sharing more with us. :bounce: