Vegan Hiking Boots

I’ve have been trying to make sure that any new clothes I buy only contain vegan materials. Slowly transitioning my whole wardrobe. However I had a close shave with my hiking boots which seemed to slip through the net. Luckily they did not contain leather. This prompted me to do a blog post of materials to avoid. Please check it out: If there are any materials missing, please let me know and I will amend. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey wow no way me too! I also have been slowly phasing out leather goods etc for vegan friendly ones since going vegan last year. However the more I shop as a conscious consumer the more I want to purchase ethically made goods. I’ve been buying from this website recently, not sure about hiking boots but they have clothes and shoes - It would be good to get a list of places that sell vegan clothing and if they are ethically made, then the better it is :slight_smile:

Great blog by the way, it was a good read. Do you blog often?

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

I was reading this post with an interest, but landed in a blank page. Hope your site will be live soon.