Vegan gays?

I read once that there is a very high percentage of gays among vegans.
How true is this? And it was specifically emphasized VEGANS not vegetarians.

I know one vegetarian gay, one omnivore gay and quite a few straight vegans. So I can’t confirm nor dement what you heard.
However, I think it might be connected to the fact that vegans are usually more open-minded. Ah, actually there are a few les vegans I know… also feminists obviously. I’m confused.

I searched “vegan talk” in google.
First site is the second one is some gay website. :astonished:

Hi everybody. I’m new here to VegTalk, and a new vegan as well. Yes, you guessed right, I am also gay…and very proud of it. I would love to see more gay friendly vegans come out, our voices are always easier to hear when there is more than 1.

Matt :smiley:

Hey Matt… being open minded is a great thing. But it would be better if you were Bisexual rather than Gay:)
Otherwise vegans will become extinct… :smiley: and that is actually sad, after so much effort :frowning:


There’s a myth/legend/rumour over here that there are high levels of oestrogen / progesterone in some soy and tofu, because it is grown in areas where many of the women use the contraceptive pill and the soy absorbs the extra hormones… I have no idea how true this is, or what percentage of tofu / areas of the world are affected! Soy is a phytoestrogen, and some reports suggest it can mimick the birth control pill. I’m struggling to find any unbiased information!

This is attributed to rising infertility levels in men. It used to be thought that some men may be gay because of a hormone imbalance - at one point gay men were actually given testosterone injections! This appears to have been disproved, but, if vegan men tend to eat more soy, may explain why people believe there is a link between being vegan and being gay? More info here :downtown:

As an aside, it is now thought that a foetus may become homosexual depending on the hormones it is exposed to in the womb. So maybe having a vegan mother could make you gay? :dontknow:

Or maybe gay men are just more open to being vegan, instead of eating lots of butch, manly steak to impress their mates? Or maybe vegan men are more open to being gay? The only other vegan girls I know (outside this forum) are lesbians - all the straight ones seem to live off low-fat ham :unamused:

[goes to have a lie down in a dark room] :confused5:

I don’t think there is a relation. I don’t personally know any vegan man that is gay. And I know some lesbians that aren’t at all vegetarian.
If there is anything common, its vegans and gays are used to going against the majority.

I think this is true.

Should have added: Being gay does not seem to be commonplace in vegan / soy-eating parts of the world. :wink:

Not necessarily - there are ways and means :laughing8:

Can you elaborate how can gay multiply? Considering that everyone is gay… :slight_smile:

Andy… Are you teasing me? :slight_smile: Or are things very different overseas?!

A lesbian couple might have a male gay friend who can donate sperm. The process involves a turkey baster. I am sure you do not need a diagram! :smiley:

Or you can pay to visit a sperm bank or Womens’ Clinic for anonymous donations.

I think some gay men have arranged to have a baby via a surrogate mother and donated egg. I don’t know so much about this…

I was thinking about men mostly… It isn’t easy at all to find a surrogate mother imho.
But on the other hand if everyone is gay… then masculine gay would have to find lesbians that want kids - well that solves the problem. LOL :smiley:

You are not considering the fact that currently it is quite difficult to find a vegan partner - which already diminishes the chance of having vegan children, the child can follow the steps of his omni father etc.

Well! I have not much information about vegan being gays but I know most who are vegetarians.

Well, any child has free will - even if both parents are vegan, the child will have grandparents, aunts and uncles, and plenty of friends, teachers of mentors. Most of whom will be omni!

Besides, as it becomes more common and acceptable to be gay, it is less difficult to find a gay partner. I think most gay people accept that they will need to actively seek a partner and make compromises - by moving to a city, or using dating agencies. So they may as well seek a vegan partner if they want one :slight_smile:

Yes the child has free will. But if both parents are vegetarians then they can protect the child from “wrong” influence. :wink:
Until he is mature enough to choose himself. With one parent omni and one vegan this is not going to happen.

Is being gay matters? Being vegan gay is much better than a straight who deprive animal rights.

im vegan and straight. i have 3 vegan friends who are too. but idk.

That is total crap.

Asuming you are right, the only logic answer to me, is wrong to say “vagans tend to be gay”, I would change it for “gays tend to be vegans” which is a totally different perspective and it make senses. In our society gay people suffer several kind of abuses and animals too, so is easier for a gay to feel identified with animals, this indentification might end in vegan lifestyle.

I remembemer I saw one vegan evangelist who said, we have better acceptance in gay comunity, latinos and black community because in general terms they have suffer several kind of abuse so is easier for them to feel identified with animals.

Hi… I am a vegan too. I am planning to do a female top surgery in Mississauga ( … astectomy/ ). Any previous experiences?