Vegan Foods

Regular marshmallows contain gelatin which is made by boiling the bones, ligaments and tendons of animals. Don’t worry though, vegans. You can still enjoy adding little marshmallows to your cocoa if you want to. Check out:

:icescream: for vegans

Check out the delicious frozen desserts that are advertised @

Vegan certified soda pop!

Check out the soft drinks that are advertised @

Although wine is made from grapes, it is not necessarily fit for vegan consumption.

You can find out why @ … 24570.html

My wife & I don’t imbibe, but we do enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic wine from time to time. When we do, we choose virgin drinks made by MADD.

I once sent MADD a private message asking them if their wines were fit for vegans. They replied that they were and that the organization’s co-founder happens to be vegan as well.

Anyway, if you want to drink vegan wine, but don’t want to get :drunken:, check out:

Do you like chocolate? – :love7:

I’ll take that as a “yes.” – lol

Anyway, Olivia chocolatiers make a couple of delicious, raw vegan bean-to-bar products.

Check them out @


Mashroom is my favourites. Liked this recipe. Will try today.