Vegan fish food??

Hi there,

need some help, hoping I might find it here.
I jointly run a vegan/vegetarian petfood store online from the UK, but one product that I can’t find is complete fishfood that doesn’t contain fish?
I’ve read about the nutritional requirements of fish and it seems manufacturers use other fish in the foods because this is the easiest way of achieving the essential ingredients.
Anyone heard or know of a fish food that is vegetarian or vegan?

many thanks

Now this is an interesting question…
Actually I think it’s very unethical to feed carnivorous animals with vegan food. :confused: With no other choice.
It’s kind of like keeping a vegan in a cage and giving him meat.
Thats just my personal opinion.

It seems that there are vegan seafood alternatives:

Thanks for the link Sergio!!!

Thank you guys for the link I’ve been searching this for a long time.