Vegan Fertilizers/Soil Amendments

So I’ve been a Vegan for the past 2 years and a Vegetarian for 6 years. I’ve had the hardest time finding an all vegan fertilizer or soil amendment. After years of struggling to find something that met my ethical values as well as my gardening needs I decided to create my own. I now need help from all my vegan and vegetarian friends. I’ve entered a contest here … %2Fidea%2F I need all the vegans and vegetarians to go to this page and “like” my idea. You have to click the link then scroll down to where it says TOTAL LIKES on the right hand side and “like” it there. If I win I get $100,000 to bring my idea into production. I’ve already met with Whole Foods and they love my idea! They are just waiting on a final product and then should be able to start stocking it. It’s time for a great vegan soil product to be on the market. It’s not only vegan but also 100% nontoxic… Meaning it’s safe for animals and small children. If you truly believe in a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle you will click the link and help us get the product to market. :smiley: Thanks for your support!