Vegan Diet

Is veganism for you a diet or a lifestyle?

In Greek language the word diet means lifestyle.
So vegan diet = vegan lifestyle. :slight_smile:

Andy, the modern meaning of the word Diet is quite different from the word Lifestyle.
For me veganism is a healthy diet.

Wow! nice bro I really like your definition of vegan diet.

I had tried the vegan diet in the past and failed. Now, finally success!! More energy and I think my IQ went up two notches.

Regarding if I am a true vegan: I am not a vegan per se, since I like my leather hiking boots and enjoy the taste of honey now and then. I am reluctant though to use honey; brown sugar is just as good and easier to come by monetarily.


Thank you Irahat :slight_smile:

Good post…

For me, once you have changed your diet, this will mainly affect your lifestyle but not as a whole…