Vegan diet considered 'extreme'

This drives me nuts. I feel following a vegan diet confers complete nutrition if done so intelligently. Any diet can be unbalanced if major food groups are left out. If a person eats plenty of fruit and veg, legumes, nuts/seeds, oils, and whole grains along with pure water, that’s complete nurtrition.

Anyhoo, I was researching critiques of the hallilujia diet, and had come across opinions on vegan diets in general. I do feel that eating most or all raw food leaves out a lot of nutients, not to mention, that it’s hardly sustainable. Dunno how anyone could feel any manner of satiety without cooked starches and proteins. I was leafing thru a hallilujia acres magazine which had a recipe for raw lasagna. It was comprised of thinly sliced raw turnip, raw tomato sauce with shaved carrots and beets. Yuk!!! Now, I love all those vegetables, but I would hate raw turnip. Not to mention, there s so few calories in such ‘rabbit food’ that I imagine a person would leave the table famished! What’s wrong with lasagna made with whole grain noodles, long cooked homemade marinara sauce, tofu?

I do believe that most of of veg intake should be raw, but that cooked root vegetables are very healthy, too. My favorite meal is a salad, cooked root veg such as squash, poatoes, both sweet and white, and steamed veg selection, along with a
vegan protein source such as tofu, tempeh, whatever.

As for extreme diets, I think that those paleothic diets are an example, as well as any high protein, low carb diet. Even
the Ada feels that humans need 60-65 % carbohydrates, of course, complex carbs from whole foods.

If vegans are concerned about obtaining omega 3 fats EPA and hda (?), this can be done without using fish oil. I’d bought algae oil caps. Fish get their own EPA and hda from eating algae. I like the light fishy flavor. ( i cant swollow pills, so i pierce or open them to get the ingredients) I adore seaweed for this reason, too.