vegan diet and risk of bladder stones

due to the oxalate nature of a vegan diet, I am perplexed as a vegan at how to prevent bladder stones. Wheat, potatoes, tomatoes etc are all contributory factors in creating bladder stones.

You meant to say kidney stones, right?

Well a diet low in protein, nitrogen and sodium intake like a vegan diet is good for preventing kidney stones.
Also you have to drink enough water.
Some fruit juices, such as orange, blackcurrant, and cranberry, may be useful for lowering the risk factors for specific types of stones. Orange juice may help prevent calcium oxalate stone formation, black currant may help prevent uric acid stones, and cranberry may help with UTI-caused stones.

Thank you for this information. Our family has history of kidney stones, my father is a kidney transplant and they say that there’s a possibility that we, his daughters, might have the same problem.We often drink coconut juice to prevent UTI, is there any other fruits aside from cranberries(they are too expensive here in our place) that may help in preventing UTI?

If you Google kidney stones and vegan, you will find thousands of articles on how a vegan diet helps prevent kidney stones. You will likely never have to worry about them if you eat a well balanced whole foods plant-based diet.

Thanks this will surely help not only me but my whole family… Since I have read the posts in this site I am slowly applying some of the diets for me, my father, my husband and my kids… Have a nice day!!!