Vegan dessert recipe with chickpeas and soy milk

Vegan dessert recipe with chickpeas and soy milk

A delicious vegan dessert recipe with money-saving ingredients: chickpeas and soybeans
Do you like vegan desserts? Well, me too. This recipe seems very simple, but it takes much time to prepare. It contains chickpeas and soybeans: two legumes rich in nutrients and proteins, having a wealth of benefits, especially for vegans. It can be named, without doubt, a superfood. In this recipe I used white sugar, but you can replace it with any sugar substitute you prefer.
The cooking of beans takes the longest amount of time, but I found a faster way to prepare it. Unfortunately, I took only a picture, but, I hope to prepare it one more time, so I will add more photos and maybe videos. Till when, let me explain you how to prepare this vegan dessert.

Chocolate consistency:
Boiled chickpeas beans – 300g
Sugar – 2 spoons
Cocoa – 2 spoons
Water o soy milk – 2 spoons
Soy milk – 300 g
White flour – about 150-200g
Sugar: 2 spoons
Lemon juice – some drops
Lemon zest
Step 1
Blend the boiled chickpeas. To faster boil them, let the chickpeas soak overnight. Add the cocoa, sugar or other sugar substitute, 2 spoons of soy milk or more, depend of the consistency you want it to be. Mix until well blended.

Step 2
Steps for cream cooking:
Pour the milk into a large, clean pot. Heat the milk until it starts to bubble. Add the sugar. Add gradually the flour and mix it thoroughly. Continue adding the lemon juice and the lemon zest. Stir over low heating until you have a smooth consistency.

Step 3
Take a glass or a transparent cup. Add a layer of chickpea and soy milk creams. Fill the glass or the cup as in the photo. Put it in the fridge for an hour.

Step 4
Enjoy your chickpeas and soy milk vegan dessert!

Step 5
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