The vegan curry recipe is simply amazing. A good vegetarian invited me to make this recipe together, and I immediately accepted. The process is very interesting and very simple.
The vegan curry recipe has many ingredients, where, to my surprise, is excluded onion and garlic, thus keeping the tradition of Indian vegetarians. Besides the rich number of products, it use a lot of spices, a characteristic feature in Indian cuisine. So, we started to make curry and the result you see in the pictures.
To my surprise, I learned from my friend that in this recipe the spices are fried. Yes, that sounds harsh, because once you understand that in the hot oil the nutrients in the spices have considerably reduced.
But our recipe was very tasty. We have improvised with the proportions and we arrived that the kettle was too full, you can adapt it according to possibilities. I think I motivated you to repeat it too. Try now!

Oil - 300 gr
Mustard seeds - 20 gr
Ginger - 20 gr
Cardamon - 20 gr
Mix of condiments for carry - 10 gr
Turmeric - 20 gr
Curcuma 20 gr
Salt - 10 gr
Sugar - 20 gr
Potatoes - 500 gr
Cauliflower - 300 gr
Green beans- 500 gr
Eggplant - 500 gr
Zucchini - 300 gr
Tomatoes - 500 gr

Step 1
Pour oil into a metal kettle, desirable with a thick platform.

Step 2
Add the mustard, ginger, cardamom, spice mixtures to carry. And wait for 2 minutes to crack.

Step 3
Add the potatoes and stir them for about 5 minutes.

Step 4
It must like a thick potato straw and mix for 5 minutes.

Step 5
Add the green beans to the small pieces and mix well for 5 minutes.

Step 6
Add the eggplants cut into fissures, wider than potato stalks 3 times. 5 minutes to be fried.

Step 7
Add the chopped tomatoes and mix well with the meal to get it all right. Instead of tomatoes, you can use tomato juice, but if you have fresh tomatoes, better use them, it will be tastier.

Step 8
After boiling for half an hour you can add turmeric, sugar and salt.

Step 9
Grill for another half an hour and mix thoroughly.

Step 10
Let the food rest for 15 minutes. And if you do not have patience, just put it on the plate and enjoy the full taste.

Step 11
Share it to your friends and repeat it with them.