Vegan cookbook author on Oprah

I’ve started a campaign to get Sarah Kramer, one of the authors of “How It All Vegan” and “Garden of Vegan” on Oprah. This would be a great way to promote veganism and create a better understanding between vegans and omnis. I’ve already e-mailed Oprah, and suggested she have Sarah on her show. We need to send a lot of e-mails to generate enough interest, so that we can attract Oprah’s attention. If anybody’s interested, go to You’ll have to register first. After you’ve registered, click on “e-mail us” on the left side of the page. When the next page opens, you’ll be given the opportunity to suggest who you’d like to see on Oprah’s upcoming shows. You’ll need to add Sarah’s contact address so Oprah’s staff will know where to contact her. Here it is…

Sarah Kramer
P.O. Box 8727
Victoria BC
V8W 353


Thanks, everybody. I know if we get a lot of e-mails going, we could see “one of our own” on national television. I think that would be GREAT! :smiley: