Peace and Love Vegan Family!

We just acquired 130 acres of farm land here
in Puerto Rico. The land is marvelous and
will be used for a wellness center, organic farming
homesteading, raw and vegan community

We need helpers, workers, investors,
families, carpenters, artists who want to live
naturally, work communally, and create abundance
in their lives and the lives of others.

Looking for folks who would seriously like
to be a part of this venture. Its happening right now
and we would really like a few (no more than
10) people who want to move down to
Puerto Rico and work the land, build eco-cabins,
eat healthy vegan and live food etc. Right now,
we are looking at 5 acres at $300 a month which includes
water. You can build an eco-cabin with solar power or tent it.
The main building has electricity and will have
internet too. It will be the community center
and we will be providing raw and vegan meals to the guests,
staff, volunteers of the farm.

It will be an amazing time and lots of hard work.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Hi, I want to live in a sustainable vegan community. I am a massage therapist and massage ceu teacher living in Asheville, NC. I have many things to bring to your table. How can I learn more about your gig?

Greetings, I’m in the process currently of searching for a community to join. I’ve lived in community in the past and have a lot of communal living experience. My family and I, 3 children, are vegan. How is the community coming along in Puerto Rico? We currently live in south Florida, USA. Blessings, Laura