Vegan Clothing

What can you recommend to wear for a vegan especially in cold climate?

This is a real problem!

I have a winter sports jacket which I bought from Tchibo. It is made from synthetic fibres, but is still very warm :slight_smile: I recommend looking in German and Scandinavian shops - they know all about the cold!

You can buy fleeces and winter coats from surf and snowsports chains like Billabong and Animal. They are expensive, but they last well.

I also have some acrylic knitted jumpers, hats, scarves, socks, etc.

The trick is to layer clothes, to trap heat. Wear two or more t-shirts, a jumper, a fleece and a coat. Most heat is lot through your head, so make sure you wear a hat :slight_smile:

However, I don’t like wearing synthetic fibres :frowning: does anyone know of any warm natural materials?

Hey Becka. :slight_smile:
Do you know if any of these vegan clothing can resist really cold climates like minus 40 degrees Celsius?
I have had discussions with various people that used to live in the north of Siberia and their point was that non animal clothes i.e. vegan clothing is useless in such cold places.

The shoes would crack from cold and so on? Do you know any trustworthy sources that would prove this wrong?

-40 C? :astonished: Are you visiting Siberia? This is very interesting! The boots really crack? :astonished: I would love to visit this area - what advice can you and your friends give? :slight_smile:

The advice I gave was suitable for Scotland, where temperatures wouldn’t go below -20 C (and even that would be rare!) This advice (layering clothes) was given to me when I was training for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The British Antarctic Survey also recommend the ‘layer method’ (several layers of ventile clothes like cotton) for working in Antarctica. They do not mention what their boots (double-insulated mountaineering boots, and ‘mukluks’) are made from :frowning: ( … othing.php)

I know some vegans who will wear animal-derived clothes if they are second-hand. This way, they are not directly supporting the killing of animals. You can buy “arctic” and “extreme cold” army surplus, and an ex-soldier might be able to advise you on what to buy? How would you feel about that?

No I am not visiting Siberia, I was just talking with some guys about veganism and their argument was that people in cold places like Siberia can not afford to wear vegan clothes.

By the way here is a collection of vegan coats made by a vegan manufacturer.
The coats are quite expensive and don’t seem like well suited for severe cold, but nevertheless they look beautiful. :slight_smile:

Here is a nice article about vegan clothing.

[b]Vegan clothing may seem an extreme measure. Eating food that has nothing to do with products of animal origin is a thing, but for many people not using animal products for all sorts of things is too much. The sheep are not affected when they give wool, so what is the problem?

Vegans say it’s definitely a big deal, as sheep can suffer greatly if kept for their wool. They are packed on the benches, living in extremely unsanitary conditions. They are castrated, have pierced their ears and tail cut without anaesthesia. Sheep are also subject to other treatments that can be economically beneficial, but not in the interests of the sheep. Although we like to say that the clothes we wear are produced in conditions of security for the animals involved, there are cases where this does not happen.

When it comes to finding vegan clothing including vegan shoes, there are many options that can offer a varied, stylish wardrobe that does not use wool, fur or leather.

Artificial leather choices are abundant. Vinyl and micro fiber cloth are excellent choices for items such as handbags, belts and even shoes. They can adapt to have the appearance of the skin, but all are free from animal components.

When it comes to alternatives to wool, you can find cold weather wear such as cotton and hemp. If you are really looking for something that can keep out the cold, believe it or not, you can find a dress made of recycled plastic bottles that will keep you warmer than one made of leather or wool.

You can find all kinds of vegan clothing and vegan shoes online, but also for local options, check your neighbourhood store of natural foods. Often they offer vegan clothing options, including vegan shoes for their buyers.

Vegan lifestyle can be expressed in most of their diet. You can take some extra steps to find vegan clothes.[/b]

Thanks Vegangirl! Do you know who designed the dress made from recycled bottles? I’ld love to see it! :slight_smile:

Andy’Ba - I find it strange that people in Siberia find animal-derived clothes cheaper than synthetic fibres: over here it is wool and leather that are expensive, and the synthetic clothes are practically disposable! Those vegan coats are really beautiful :slight_smile: but at $500, a designer coat (I mean, by a designer I have heard of!) is cheaper!

I prefer to wear jeans and t-shirt. White skinny jeans I like most because It looks so nice. This jeans is also worn by both gender. Women can also try it.

Hi I am Mark I loved strapless tube top bathing suit cover ups. Some looked really cute with a tank top underneath. Since I’ve been leaving the house I wear skirts and tank tops. They are great at covering up the swelling and you still look good

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I’m sure it’s tough to find vegan clothing for winter season, but there should be a lot of websites that will give you some suggestions. All you need to do is check the internet, although I’m sure they can be a bit pricey. Nowadays, clothing companies and manufacturers think about everything. Competition makes it possible. I think it’s a good thing…

Hey there,

For quality and comfortable vegan shoes you can also look here
I’ve bought a pair of knee length boots and they are just perfect :slight_smile:

Contemporary designs echo the high street trends, packed into four seasons giving you a year round alternative. Wills are designed with quality in mind. The range is created with microfibers that look, wear, breathe and resist water just like leather. I believe buying something well made saves money, provides something to cherish and is better for our environment. Try Wills Vegan Shoes as they are really great!

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wow! thanks for so much advice here for vegan clothing.
gonna notice my clothings (at least the new ones in the future) and check before i buy new stuff

Hello Sergio. There are lots of brands out there now that have vegan jackets etc that are warm and do not contain down. Some of them are super expensive but that depends on how cold it gets! I’ve purchased hoodies from here before for my wife, you can check it -

If you find something else, let me know. The winter is coming and I need to get prepared!