Vegan Car?


not sure if this is the right forum, but anyhow. A few weeks ago our car broke down so we needed a new one. Do you take car of leather in cars? I never thought of it before, but we decided for a leather free car (as far as we know). But probably no car is completely vegan - how do you think about this?

Stay Vegan!

Sometimes, due to the world we live in, there aren’t any veg options available. For example, walk into any modern building and we can find non-veg components in everything from the way the walls are put together to the electronics operating the security system. Leather-free is a great step, but let’s face it–every vegan I know has a car of some kind, and if that makes them hypocrites…well, then the true vegans are few and far between, and no one would be on forums like these due to the fact that we face the same issue with computers (non-veg parts, etc.) You know what’s right in your heart, and you do the best you can with what you’ve got!