Vegan Bakery

Hi everyone!!

I’m opening a Vegan Bakery in Newmarket, Ontario(near Toronto)… Anyone have any advice? baking for myself/friends has been easy… A lil worried to produce mass quantities… No website yet but if anyone has any advice please post here or msg me @Cpt_Handsome … I am always looking for any pointers or suggestions… Veganism is still kind of considered hokey here but our community is growing, so I want this to be a success!!

Thanks in advance!!


In Melbourne Australia there are a few bakeries that cater to vegans. They have varieties of vegan pies, sausage rolls, cakes and of course breads. In many cases the produce is indistinguishable from the normal versions of these products. Ultimately there are very few food types that cannot be approximated well in a vegan form. A juicy steak is really one of the few things that cannot be done well. With all the recent food poisoning who would want to keep eating them - vegan or not!

i’m excited to hear that newmarket is getting a vegan bakery! i’ll be sure to check it out when u get it up and running. i do a bit of vegan baking for family and friends and am eager to bake on a professional level one day. I would say since cupcakes are quite big right now maybe do some of those (keeping in mind seasonal takes on cakes like back to school decorated ones for example.) also i hear pie is the next cupcake (i don’t know where they come up with this stuff) so perhaps a couple samples appropriate for summer ( blueberry and coconut cream is usually a hit). may i suggest also not to branch out in variety of different pastries at first, but to maybe focus on a selection? But what do i know? lol I doubt my suggestions merit value, but theyre simply opinions. I wish u all the best in ur bakery!

That’s a great idea. vegan also need something cool like that. I will visit your bakery.