vegan athlete

Hey all! I’m christina and new to the forum. Lately I’ve been really contemplating becoming vegan. to make a long story short i am female and very athletic,like a fitness model. the problem is i don’t want to lose muscle by going vegan. i eat a lot of chicken a day, by a lot i mean a lb. i really want to stay lean and im hoping to find healthy alternatives. I need around 20 grams of protein per meal if possible. anyone know of healthy options?

There are plenty of healthy vegan athletes. I am pretty sure there are even a few blogs focused on just that and definitely ways to get enough protein :smiley: . Search vegan athletes because I know for sure I have stumbled across a few sites with information for that, but don’t be scared away by people who say its not possible. There are quite a few Iron Man competitors, ultra marathoners and body builders who have proved it is not only possible, it is encouraged!