Vegan and Unnatural substances?

Hey so i feel like i got a stupid question/statement, so i became a vegan about 6 months ago and absolutley love it im really into it and feel greatl, havent felt better work out just about every day kinda a gym rat…but its starting to seem like my body and mind cant take any unnatrual substances that i may ingest …ie alcohol and my pre work out drinks …my hang overs are just absolutley terrible and my pre work outs make me sick and give me terrible anxiety…im assuming since my body is now used to all naturalness it simply just cant take these unnatrual/foreign substances anymore?..your inputs would be muchly appreciated.

I’m no medical professional, but in my experience you’re right. You’ve been working out and putting good food into your body, it becomes a shock to introduce “unnatural substances.” I always felt quite queasy eating wheat, so I finally stopped a couple of months ago. Now if I eat even the smallest amount, I feel awful. I guess it’s our bodies’ way of keeping us on track.

Hmm, I drank heavily about 9 or 10 years into being vegan, actually until my pancreas failed me, and I was rarely getting sick. I don’t know if the natural food thing is the case, but it might also be a psychological thing.

If it encourages you to consume less and less unnatural substances, then it’s a good thing either way.

My doctor explained it as your body feeling good–rewarding you when you do the healthy thing and make good food choices–and feeling not so good when you do the things that are not healthy. Our bodies want to be healthy–it’s just our brains (and food addictions) that stand in the way.

Hey well thanks for the tips!

I do not think going vegan has to do anything with that and there must be a different issue for this problem.

i agree. you can be following a vegan/diet and still not be eating right, and ingesting empty calorie junk foods.

Junk food is not as healthy and which may also lead to your improper diet.

There is a big difference between being vegan–eating only plant based foods, which can be just as processed as any other kind of food and being vegan and eating minimally processed, raw or steamed veggies. The difference between empty calories and nutrient dense food.

Thanks “nwsailorgirl”…that’s nice.