Using this forum to promote vegan life style

We’ve got a lot of interesting topics here that if read by an omnivore could make him change his mind…
But the problem is that very few of them would come to this forum. Because it is oriented purely on vegans and vegetarians, and unless a person already decided to turn veggie he would not find our forum in internet.

So how can we attract more nonvegans to this forum?
One good method is to make the health forum that I created recently really useful and interesting.
I think health is something that many people are interested in.
Also topics on losing weight could atract many omnis that can become vegans in the future.
So if you can contribute with a health article or share your experience you are welcome to do it.

Also any ideas on how to attract non vegetarians are welcome. You can write them here.

To be honest, I’m rather glad that we don’t have much omnivores here. FatalError-likes are more than enough.

Well i don’t think everybody will be like fatal error. And It will be more interesting if we will also get alternative thoughts. Right now we are talking to each other and we initially agree with each other so there is no much interest. :slight_smile:
We need omnis here, it will be like a vaccine that will make us stronger. :wink:

And how will we ever convince them to turn veggie if we don’t communicate with them? Eh? We are all people and everybody should be given a chance…