Understanding 'Vegan'

I’ll be honest. I’m no vegan. Not even close. But I met someone who is vegan who I’d like to get to know better, but I’m not sure if it’s possible given my non-vegan status. So I have a few questions… (and no, I don’t know the level of vegan-ness - whether eggs or milk or cheese is aceptabl)

I understand not wanting to support poor beef industry practices, but if you have a source of beef that you KNOW is free range - born out in the fields, live out in the fields, grass fed with some additional corn and oat feed for pregnant cows, no antibiotics beyond what’s needed for illness, worms treated with tobacco, etc - would that be acceptable? I know some people say there is no ‘humane’ way to kill an animal, but we all live and die, and a wolf or moutain lion certainly isn’t going to be gentle either - isn’t that just the circle of life?

Same question for chickens and their eggs - plenty of room, no crowding, rooster doing what comes natural, chickens eating corn, insects in the pen, etc…?

If milk came from the same source as above - just like human mothers, we make as much as we need - if only some excess is taken and the calf gets their fill, would the products of that milk be acceptable? Butter, cream, cheese, etc… (Yes, i know where rennet comes from.)

Humans were built to be omnivores. It’s evidenced in our teeth - incisors, canines and molars. So as long as we raise our food ethically, shouldn’t that be acceptable? If not, why not?

And what are the rules regarding venison, rabbit and other wild animals that are hunted? So long as you don’t miss your shot and leave an animal to suffer?