Unacceptable propaganda by AHDB

"In the face of the most successful Veganuary to date, the AHDB (a pro-animal farming levy board) have released a new £1.5 million advertisement campaign on British television encouraging people to eat meat and dairy. "

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I’ve heard of this “Eat Balanced” campaign.

Trying to ploy people’s minds against veganism based on it’s supposedly extreme nature.

Really I do car about the spread of veganism. I know it’s not entirely right to judge people for their own decisions… But judgementalism is built into human nature.

That’s aside from the point though. When I do feel concerned with veganism, it’s more about retention then it is as much marketing campaigns.

What I don’t like seeing is when people give up veganism for reason x or y… And that normally boils down to the difficulties of maintaining the lifestyle… Because it is counter to a lot of standard activity.

As the vegan culture develops, campaigns like the one behind this advert, will fall on deaf ears.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet. The real objective is eliminating misinformation. As mentioned in the video.

The science is on the side of plant based living, there is a growing medical community… And they 'll be the a trump card in the long run.

Eating fruits and veggies have fallen off the docket of medical advice… That needs to be restored.

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