Ugli Fruit (Citrus paradisi x Citrus reticulata)

A yellow-orange skinned citrus originally produced as a chance cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit—found in Jamaica. The classic (and commercially produced) “Ugli Fruit” is a large, grapefruit sized citrus with a pitted, dented, “ugly” skin. Other types are like those seen above, with slightly smoother skin. Flavor is identical and a is deliciously sweet.

Description: Bushy tree to 15-20ft. Growth habit is much like any citrus. Evergreen, with bright green, almost glossy leaves. Fruits ripen in clusters of about 6-12 and may hang on the branches after ripening for several weeks.

Hardiness: Trees have standard citrus hardiness and do best in areas with minimal or no frost.

Growing Environment: Water regularly. Grow in full sun, in well-drained soil.

Propagation: Grafting is the most common means of propagation to ensure fruits remain true. Fruits do produce seeds and the tree is sometimes grown from seed. As with any of the commonly cultivated citrus trees, seeds can yield fruits that are different from the parent, though generally the fruits are similar.

Uses: Fruits are delicious eaten fresh and can be used in much the same fashion as an orange or tangerine.

Native Range: This is a chance cross, which reportedly occured in Jamaica. Fruits are quite popular there and the tree has seen considerable attention in cultivation.