I think so too, american celebrities are very hypocritical and very bad for environment. Even fake fur is very bad, it makes it seem like fur is okay, when it is not. I think we should not have any fake fur or real fur either way because both is sending wrong image to children. We must think of children always, they are future.

Are uggs fake? they’re suede so I just always assumed there were real.

I love Uggs. They are so comfy and cute, which is the best of both worlds. I know it’s sheep, but people sheer sheep all the time, it doesn’t mean they have to kill them to get their fluffy fur skin.

They are also sheepskin. :confused:

:compress: I think he must have their own thoughts, is really a different man.

The best thing is to avoid pormoting fur as fashion whether its real or faux.


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