Trying to lose weight is so fustrating!!

Hey everyone let me start off by saying I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis but I am having some trouble.
I am not the best at staying away from temptations its all around me know what I mean?
I have healthy snacks but at the end of a long day its so easy for me to grab the first thing that looks good.
I dont do most of the cooking but I can and sometimes cook our help with the meals.
I am just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks that help you stay away from temptations.
I love sweets and my all time biggest temptation is icecream yeah I know its alot of peoples biggest temptations…
I was also wondering is dark chocolate really okay for you and is it an okay thing to eat reguarly?
I know its alot of questions but I would really appreciate any help or advice that you can give…

Hey, don’t worry. You can’t loose your weight very fast. It will take some time.
You should not only eat healthy but also exersise a lot. :bounce:
And what about food. Every body like sweets. Sweets are high in carbohydrates so you should eat it in morning or day time but not at evening. Its same about fats. Also it would be less temtations if you could eat really delicious healthy food. Same delicious as unhealthy food is.You should find what is the best for you. :icescream: Also there is a tip to drink a glass of water before eating. I don’t know how much does it work. :smiley:
Dark chocolate is healthier than other kind but still it is sweet and it’s not helping to loose weight.
Good luck.

i tried a few diets before…i now have lap-band surgery and i have some success with it, 37 pounds gone.(have no fills since getting it and i got it done on july 31st 2009 and now no insurance) but ive been exercising again and trying to eat less, its so frustrating to see the scale stay in the same spot. what kinds of things should i eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? cause its probably whats stalling my loss. ive been doing the jillian Michaels 30 day shred since last thursday, walked 2miles and on saturday i walked 4.5 miles, monday i walked 2 miles and jillian Michaels 30 day shred and yesturday jillian Michaels…ugh i guess im kind of confused…

Exercise and lots of fruits/veggies/grains/pulses/etc. Takes time, but patience is what is needed.

Also have the same problem…I wonder which type of diet can really help us. My appetite for food is not so easy to curve to.


Same…I have a big appetite but really need to lose weight…it’s a pain.

Yep, same here :slight_smile:

I’ve also read some reports about dark chocolate being good for you. However, it also still has a high fat and sugar content. The nice thing about really dark chocolate is that you can have a small amount to curb your chocolate craving, either a small piece with coffee or some chocolate chips on a cake or dessert (instead of a large candy bar). Have you tried the raw vegan choc banana ice-cream recipe?

Evut’s right about the water - apparently the brain can confuse hunger and thirst, so if you feel hungry you may actually be thirsty!

When I cook, I make a large portions and then put some food in tupperware containers, and leave them in the fridge. Then, when I am too busy to cook, I have my own ready meal ;p

Thanks BigBecka for your all information about dark chocolates benefits. Really i feel happy to read this… 8)

dont lose weight anymore.!

Try using a smaller plate than you normally do. By filling up a small plate with food, rather than filling up a large plate with food, you’ll automatically cut down on your portion size. Exercise is also key to your success. I don’t feel guilty when I indulge because I exercise all the time. Good luck :flower:

I’ve lost nearly 80 pounds.

Here’s how I did it in order…

  1. Tell yourself that you are losing weight, period. There can be no “maybe” or a “can’t do it” mindset. Do it. You will do it. (this is the same way I stopped smoking 10 years ago BTW).

  2. I had just gone vegan about 2 weeks prior to my “diet”. I went on a very low fat, high fiber diet. I ate lots of complex carbohydrates. By low fat, I mean, other then beans, I ate zero fat (especially animal fat). Every now and then I’d eat some potato chips but it was and still is very infrequent…less then once a month. I eat veggies and fruits off an on all day. I am never left hungry. Breakfast, oatmeal (with soy milk), lunch is raw fruits and veggies. Dinner is whatever I want that doesn’t contain fat, or very little anyway. I make lots of whole wheat noodles, brown rice, etc. The great thing about eating fruits/veggies/complex carbs/fiber is that you can eat as much as you want (of course, within normal human terms). Carbs burn lots of calories in digestion alone. So there’s no hungry feeling for me, ever. And I’ve lost nearly 80 pounds.

  3. Exercise. I exercise by weight lifting every other day. The reason is to tone myself from all the weight loss. The other days I do some type of cardio for a 1/2 hour. I have more energy then I ever have and feel great! I’m 38 years old and feel better then I did 10 years ago. Even if its just walking around the block or leg lifts starting off while you watch TV…do something.

If you are in a diet where you always feel hungry, you are going the wrong direction.

Hi! Livevegan i agree with you. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

I do daily exercise for max 3 hrs. For weight loss I’m on Acomplia by emedoutlet from last 3 months. I drinks lots of juices and water. Eats only health food… and I’m very sure that I’ll loose my weight in next 2/3 months…

I drink lots of water… This will help you to feel full every time so you will refuse eating… other than that drinking lots of water can help you reduce the risks of heart attack and also help you to loss weight… Take 2 glasses of water when you wake up in the morning and 2 glasses of water before and after taking a bath…

Gotta say that eating very low fat didn’t help me lose much weight. I’d hoped it would. It did lower my cholesterol, though. It’s a good way to jump start a program to lower cholesterol, but, truly, for me, it wasn’t sustainable. I got humgery frequently. In order to keep full, I’d carbo load, eating whole grains. Calories are calories. I used ro labor under the misconception that fat made one fat. Indeed, fat is more calorically dense than carbohydrate and protein. But we do need some in the diet for optimal nutrition as well as satiety. Since becoming primarily vegan, I have been taking in more fat(plant based of course), and haw felt far less hungry. I figure that over time, I may lose some lard because I’m not eating as many calories. I can only eat so many nuts or nut butters, etc. I think I come out ahead eating a handful of nuts as, say, eating a huge plate of pasta.

So, personally, I woulsnt recommend going the extremely low fat route, as in 10% fat intake, such as I was doing. You may well end up stuffing down lost of carbs just to remain satisfied. But, in the end, it isn’t satisfying. You feel bloated, yet deprived. I feel much better eating nuts/seeds, and am eating less in quantity. We need omega 3 fats and those are hard ro obtain on a spartan very low fat diet. Even dr ornish feels nuts and seeds are healthy fare. They are good for the heart.

In a nutshell, no pun intended, one of the reason I eat a vegan diet is because I got sooo sick of being hungry!

Going vegan is very effective on my part. I crave for sweets or fried food occasionally, but I think it’s okay since I exercise everyday and my metabolism is working fine. I kind of like this lifestyle because it is suitable for my body.

Well if you want to keep yourself away from those junk food then you should eat fruits and veggies and other low calories food and do exercise regularly…Keep yourself busy in some kind of work always which will keep you away from thinking about eating some junk or sweets…

Hi everyone,

My name is Steve Warshaw, and this is my first post on this forum. Before I get started, I want to let everyone know that I am a ACE certified nutritionist, and personal trainer. I work with many vegetarians and vegans as many of my clients are from India. Any advice I give comes from experience working with my clients, and I hope you find it helpful.

I think an important thing to understand is why you are having cravings, particularly sugar cravings, before we can come up with a plan to curb them.

I have found time and time again that recurring sugar cravings indicate an bacterial imbalance of the intestines. In otherwords, the good digestive bacteria get over run, and (here comes the buzz word), you get yeast overgrowth. One way to test this is to pour 4 ounces of filtered water into a glass, then before you go to bed at night, spit in the water. If when you wake up in the morning, you see something that looks like white streamers in the glass, you have a yeast overgrowth in your intestines. This yeast feeds on sugar, which not only causes your cravings, but makes the problem worse by feeding the yeast.

There are tons of “candida cleanses” out there, but I think most of them are way too complicated and filled with stuff you don’t need. I use a 3 pronged approach to alleviating yeast overgrowth:

First, caprylic acid has been shown to kill candida yeast. I use the solaray candida cleanse which runs about $13

Second you need to restore balance to your digestive flora, and improve your overall digestive health though the use of prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. For this purpose, I have had great success with Arbonne Digestion Plus. Don’t let the number of active microorganisms in these products fool you. It’s not the count, as much as it is keeping them alive long enough to get where they need to be in your digestive system.

Third, you need to eliminate processed foods and high hypoglycemic index foods for the entire 2 weeks you are on the caprylic acid supplement. It is important to understand I mean ELIMINATE these foods. You can do anything for 14 days! Since this is my first post, I can’t post a link, so ask me and I’ll send you a nice glycemic index chart.

This should help curb your sugar cravings after only 14 days!

Another frustrating moment in weight loss is when you hit a plateau. You start losing weight quickly, then you get to a point where the your body fat percentage just doesn’t want to drop any further.

Many personal trainers would have you believe that some how your metabolism has started slowing down due to caloric restriction. If you are doing resistance training with a personal trainer, this is HIGHLY unlikely.

In my experience, a primary cause of plateaus in weight loss is fat toxicity. there are many published studies that environmental toxins get stored in body fat. As you burn fat, these toxins are released into your blood stream, and your body’s capacity to eliminate this waste gets over taxed.

This is where you need a strategy for giving your body support to eliminate toxins through detoxification. This requires an integrated approach that combines food, supplementation, exercise, and (for those who can afford it) detoxification massage.

You might think detoxification massage is hocus pocus, but unlike some homeopathic treatments, there is real science to it. When your body eliminates waste, its primary mechanism for doing so, the lymphatic system, literally becomes clogged. Just like running a snake through a clogged pipe, lymphatic massage unclogs the lymph sacs and lymph nodes so that you body can continue eliminate waste.

My wife, also a trainer, and I have put together a detoxification program integrates these concepts into a synergistic system that will break through any plateau. It is a 28 day program that you can do all on your own, and we give it away for free. All we ask is that you fill out a form on our website so that we can contact your personally about the program. Again, since this my first post, I can’t post a link, so message me and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Steve Warshaw
Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

If you find it frustrating then you should do some interesting exercise like swimming and rope skipping…
You would not feel irritation in this way and these exercises also good way to burn calories…


Try green smoothies, they do help in easy and not hungry way to loose weight.
As well in the times of hunger between meals, drink some warm water or warm/hot tea. Warm drinks trick the appetite. Wait for 15 minutes and you will not feel so hungry anymore.
Good luck!