Tried being vegan..didn't go as planned...

Well I had an idea to try to go vegan for at least one month. Let’s just say that it didn’t last a week…yeah that’s right ONE week! You see, I was the only one in my family and my parents went bonkers at it. I could practically FEEL the worry coming off them in waves (which is about my weight, that’s OK because I really don’t need to lose it, but the way they freaked isn’t OK). Then a few days later they tell me that I WILL eat meat, or I’ll have to talk to a doctor (which I’ll probably end up doing). I’m still trying to at least not eat dairy, but I’ll eat some meat (helps keep the 'rents off my back). Any tips on what I should do to handle this situation?

I did go vegetarian and after that vegan without a problem. Why ? because i lived alone and am an anti social person. LOL. Can do whatever i want to do ! :wink:

Your situation is diferent. The LAST thing you need (or that “veganism” needs) is a Holy War with your parents, that doesn’t lead to nothing.

First of all, “only” a week ? Wow hohhoho ! That is something to CELEBRATE ! Of course you wished for yourself that you stayed vegan for a whole month. Don’t hit yourself on the head, don’t listen to nasty vegans who will bully you, just, instead of feeling that you DIDN"T accomplish something (a whole month), realise that you actually DID accomplish something, a WHOLE week of being vegan.

Well, i don’t want to make it too long but my practical advice is just this, no way you can be a fulltime vegan for the moment unless you are prepared to Choiche 1. start war with the Family or Choiche 2. move out of the house and break with your family.
Both options sounds very…hm, drastic and only will create a lot of negative feelings (also for yourself).

Why not gradually become vegan ? Be a flexitarian for a while. make a deal with your mother that one day (or two days) a week, you don’t eat meat and eggs and milk. (avoid the word “vegan”, that sounds like you are belonging to a secte.) I think that sounds reasonable to your mother. Everey meal without meat is a small victory. And, of course, outside the house you can be a 100% vegan. Don’t care too much what your non veg friends say, don’t avoid argueing with them. If they don’t respect your decision, bye bye, you will find better friends.

Hopes this help.

You’re in an unlucky situation. I’m fortunate to have the reverse- I just graduated college and I’m temporarily living with my family (I’m 22) while my husband is overseas for the army, and my parents have been pushing veganism on me because they went vegan about a year ago. It truly is the healthiest and kindest diet, and it makes you feel fantastic after you get used to it and really start paying attention to how foods effect you.

Tell your family nobody ever died from “not getting enough protein.” (Which, you do on a vegan diet. Beans, lentils, whole grains, even plain old veggies have protein!) But plenty of people have died from heart attacks and obesity.

A doctor will advise against veganism. They’re all brainwashed in medical school.

Do what YOU want to do and don’t care what your parents say about it. It’s your body. If you don’t want to eat animals, then don’t. If you do want to eat animals, that’s fine too. Don’t let other people make your decisions for you. Diet is a very personal thing and it’s YOUR choice.

Also, bombard them with information. I used to think vegans were crazy (despite the fact that it made me sad to think of an animal dying). But the more my mom pushed all the vegan information on me, the more I was convinced that THIS is the lifestyle people are meant to live.

Congrats for sticking with it for a whole week!! Way to go!! :slight_smile:

But I must caution you one one thing- if you’re going vegan, eat a LOT. If you’re eating a WHOOOOLE lot of broccoli and carrots and bananas and strawberries and apples and brown rice and oatmeal and (insert other good foods here), they won’t worry so much. You literally have to bombard yourself with a variety of nutrients. Eat as much as you want.