Treat Chronic Pain with Prolotherapy Treatment

Prolotherapy is an effective treatment for chronic pain and is often considered as an alternative to surgical ligament restoration. This treatment is beneficial for different types of musculoskeletal pain, including sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, degenerated or herniated discs, neck pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and partially torn tendons, ligaments or cartilage. It is a promising medical solution to chronic back pain disorders. Most of the people realize that they have consistent chronic pain only when it reaches a serious stage. This is when even doctors are unable to suggest the right medical treatment and patients start looking for alternative treatments.

Prolotherapy procedure involves administration of an injection of minerals, dextrose and saline solution which stimulates the growth of collagen to strengthen the damaged joints, ligament, tendons and muscles. It triggers a natural inflammation of tissues which in turn elevates the blood flow into blood vessels of the affected area. The new regenerated tissue encourages the growth of stronger ligaments so that the patient is able to cope better with chronic pain issues. Regular treatment procedures of prolotherapy can help you to return to the pre-injury state. There are many pain clinics in Orange County that advocate the use of prolotherapy these days. With the initiation of this treatment, you would need couple of regular sessions of therapy to recuperate completely from condition. The effect of this injection is only limited to the affect area, making it extremely safe for everyone. Of all the wear and tear conditions, back pain gets treated easily as the recovery process is not very long.

Prolotherapy works best when it is accompanied with a standard diet of anti- oxidants and fatty acids components. It is a refined, effective yet simple concept that has been found after many years of medical research for helping patients looking for a permanent solution. It can be considered a safe substitute to the recurrent use of prescription drugs which can cause severe side effects in the long run. However, prolotherapy treatment is not much popular and thus medical practitioners are trying their bit to make understand this unique concept to every patient.

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