Traveling in Asia

Hey Y’all!

I am a traveler I stay in countries for about a year at a time and I am a vegetarian and soon to be [font=Impact]vegan[/font]. I am a teen also!

I am in HK at this time and i am so overwhelmed :cry: I cant read most of the labels since they are in Chinese. Do you guys have any tips for traveling in non English speaking countries and being a vegan.

Please Help me ASAP.

Thank you xx :smiley:

I’m a vegetarian with experience, I was in Tokyo recently, I bought tickets they have a huge discount on them. In Tokyo, I really liked that in some areas there are places where you can buy a lot of vegetarian dishes and eat the most incredible sweets. For example, in the coffee house Blue Bottle

Hi! You might want to check out the vegtravelbuddies site @ It connects vegetarian and vegan travelers. You can use their search option to find other veg travelers heading to the same destination around the same time as you and you can even meet veg locals too! Hope this helps.

I’m traveling to Dubai in Sep 25th and I have plans to stay there till next year, I know Dubai is quite expensive for until you’re the company is not providing you accommodation. but in my case, I don’t have accommodation. Can I get someone s shared a room with someone or I just have to book a one-bedroom apartment for me? which I’m looking at this moment. … t-in-dubai but it’s still quite expensive for me and basically I just want a shared room.

Any advice would be appreciated.