PETA and animal rights activists may rage at me, but I’m prepared to deal with the consequences…I have no theoretical issue with meat consumption.

I DO have a problem with the meat production industry. Animals that must be dragged to slaughter since they are so weak, sick or lame that they can’t walk themselves. Chicken having their bills cut off so they can’t peck each other. All of the above being fed genetically modified foods. The USDA doing nothing about the salmonella going through the plants. It is gross and I do not want any of it in my body, nor do I support the industry and their “safety regulations”.

To answer your question if I had to eat meat or die in 5 years…yes, I would eat meat. Mostly the meat my significant other hunts (OMG! She dates a hunter!) because it has truly been free range (not the sh*t the industry labels “free range”) and led a good life. I have no problem with this at all, nor do I think hunters are psycho-bloodthirsty-killer, if they are hunting meat that will be eaten, all the power to them. Trophy hunters are a different story…

I would mostly likely eat as little meat as possible. I would probably mostly eat venison and such, though - that way I know the venison I got from friends and family was killed humanely, and the majority of the deer was used.

I agree with the above poster. I would eat as little meat as possible, and raise my own animals to make sure they were treated well. I believe humans are ultimately worth more than animals, but that doesn’t mean we should treat animals poorly.