Too skinny?

I’m just a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but I would still like some help from you guys, if that’s alright?

Apparently I’m too skinny, and my parents are teasing me about my vegetarianism and skinnyness, and so are my relatives, and even my best friend’s boyfriend. I really don’t want to start eating meat again, but I would like to gain at least a few pounds…
I don’t exercise much or anything, and I’m always eating, so I have no idea what’s going on with my body here.
What should I be eating?

Regularize your meals.
Don’t eat between meals.
Drink water if you feel appetite.
Do exercise like running or swimming daily.
Be happy.
Don’t miss nay of your meals specially breakfast.

Some people are skinny naturally and some people are ignorant. As long as you’re healthy and happy, there’s nothing wrong with you. You may just have to learn to ignore them, come up with comebacks or show them that you eat plenty but don’t gain weight.