Tomato & Capsicum Soup Recipe

Ingredients 4 tomatoes (Roma tomatoes also make tasty soup)
1 small onion
1 small clove garlic
1/2 capsicum (any colour)
3 teaspoon cooking oil
herbs of choice for garnish (like coriander leaf, mint leaf, basil)
1/2 chilli
salt and pepper by choice
Garlic toast on side for fuller meal
Instructions Peel onion and cut it into tiny pieces
Heat cooking oil in saucepan and put onion and fry on low heat to golden brown
Wash and cut tomatoes and capsicum into pieces
Peel garlic
Add tomatoes, capsicum, garlic and chilli (optional, depending on taste) to microwave dish
Add little water and microwave till soft on medium
Put this in blender jar and make a puree
Add this to saucepan and stir it in gently
Serve as thick soup or thin soup (with added water, depending on taste), with sprinkle of preferred herbs on top and fresh ground pepper
Garlic toast on side, is by choice