To Use The Vitamin Therapy

According to a carefully chosen selection, pure vitamins can be infused into the skin of the face or body as your requirements. To use the vitamin therapy, you can get those natural antioxidants fight free radical damage, heal cellular damage and stimulate collagen production as well as lighten discoloration of skin. Minerals and trace elements can be used to treat your skin as well.

In order to put the glow back into your skin, you can opt for having one to two sessions. However, if you are seeking for a more dramatic effect such as the significant skin tightening, there are six times vitamin therapy which can be done every two to three weeks as the best suggestion. Vitamin therapy takes about 60 minutes. As we know, skin is fresh and ready for normal activities and make-up immediately post-treatment. During the Vitamin Therapy, you will undergo a careful cleansing and exfoliation of the skin at the beginning. And then you’ll have the application of vitamins onto prepped skin. This step can be finished with deep infusion and a skin enhancing mask to allow maximum penetration of the vitamins into skin.

In addition, a balanced diet is also very important to help your skin. As it will be helpful to maintain a healthy physical body and weight. It can offer you nutrients for healthy and suitable functioning of the organs. In common, there is 60 to 65 percent carbohydrate content the normal diet. For instance, the breads, pastas, fruits, vegetables, and rice and out of this 55 percent of carbohydrate content would be in the form of complex carbohydrates. It’s very wonderful that you can remain 20 to 30 percent of the diet with fat content.

It’s very good to use this incredible Vitamin C Infusion Technology to create beautiful, healthy skin. It is used alone. Or it can be applied to enhance collagen injections, Botox, laser, and cosmetic surgery. It is an effective Vitamin C Infusion Skin Therapy without the effects of harsh chemical peels or scrubs. This kind of vitamin therapy is truly remarkable skin care especially for extremely dry, aging or sensitive skin. You will notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin’s texture from the very first application. Your skin will glow, feel silky smooth, firm and refined. Highly concentrated Vitamin C and moisturizers penetrate deeply to stimulate collagen renewal, cellular replenishment and give you an ultra-boost of soothing moisture.

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