To promote veg means - to promote PEACE.

How war happens?
First some politicians have to persuade other politicians and then huge masses of people that this war is very important, that it is the only way, and it is needed by them. Usualy they use very vague statements that at first glance sound meaningfull and solid. Most of these phrases are common for all politicians that start war.
But if you ask the right questions all these statements become absurd.
So our goal in this topic is to educate people how to have their own opinion and how to question all politician statements.

Notes on the Tao Te Ching

Words are words, they are not life. Words
are used to draw lines and describe concepts. Life is not a concept,
nor is it divided or explained by words. Words cause nonsense. Life is
lived, not described. Words separate things: There is life/death,
difficult/easy, long/short, high/low … and all points in between.
Music comes from varying tones. No sane person can determine the law
of life, the way of life in between these points. No one knows the
way, or what will or should happen next. How can a leader be important
and show the way when they are limited. Never be important. Good
government comes from many people who live by their hearts and not
some important person’s rule and direction based on their limited
knowledge. The Universe can take care of itself. It does not need
important people.

Please if you heard any statement that make you doubt the sanity of peace - Post it here.

How people go to war? What is their state of mind and how they maintain it?
Here are some of my thoughts from the psychological point of view.
One goes to war if he is CERTAIN that his cause is much more IMPORTANT then lives of other people he is going to kill. :imp:
And he is too BLIND to notice any other ways of achieving his goal. :astonished: This blindness is due to his extreme SERIOUSNESS which is born from the unquestionable certanity in the importance of his cause. :angry:

So here we have the ideal conditions for fanaticism, dogmatism, a know-it-all attitude:

  1. Unquestionable certainty - :astonished:
  2. Exagerated importance - :angry:
  3. Extreme seriousness - :imp:

“These three diseases are the way most people get stuck. You may decide something is important, but you can’t get really serious about it until you’re certain that it’s important. At that point you stop thinking altogether.” R. Bandler

“Importance is a great way to justify being mean and destructive, or doing anything else that’s unpleasant enough to need justification.”
R. Bandler

Sounds important…it is not dying?

To be veg creates peace. The carnivore spirit is full of war. The chemistry being digested is not peace. These days must end lest no flesh be saved.