Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is the utilization of the rise and fall of the ocean water to generate energy. The tidal energy can be converted into electricity using the ocean turbines. This type of energy utilizes the sun and moon’s gravitational forces. When the moon’s gravitational force works on the earth’s surface, it results in strong flood tides. These tides occur reliably and predictably, based on the lunar calendars which are known many years in advance.

The tidal power is developed in two ways: using ocean current and using Dams. The dams are based on generating power by allowing water to come inside when there is a high tide and preventing it from leaving when the tide goes out. This entering water makes the turbine to turn which in turn rotates the generator creating electricity.

Owing to its great advantages, the tidal energy investment has gone up. Many tidal power stations have come up across the world. Tidal power stations are present in France, Nova Scotia, the Soviet Union, and China. Scotland is also developing a tidal power station.