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Hi :smiley:

Having a forum for these “hello world” posts is a good idea… I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before (but then I’m not an avid foruming person, so forgive me my ignorance if they’re common).

I celebrated my first veggie anniversary on this past February 7th! Yay me… and they said it’d not last. I suppose a year isn’t that long, but I was proud of myself. There’s still no end in sight.

I’m a universary student at one of the best schools for fine arts in Canada (and that’s saying something, because we have lots of great schools). Being in Fine Arts as I am, this is good. I’m really enjoying it. I guess that’s how you can tell that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be… if it doesn’t feel like work.

Anyhoo, that’s a teensy bit about me. You all have a lovely day.

Welcome Astarte!!! :slight_smile:
I’m really happy to see ya here.

How did you start being a vegetarian?
Are you the only vegetarian in your Art Classes?

First year is the toughest. Congratulations. :slight_smile:))

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile:

Astarte, can we see som of your works ?it will be very interesting!