There's Always An Excuse

Life is not ours to create or to take
We try to play God, for petty sakes
We’ve re-written the meaning of countless words
Such as ‘suffering’ and ‘science’, to suit ourselves.
We take torture and cruelty to the extreme
But only to the creatures that cannot be seen
Those creatures not heard, those who can’t scream
We commit acts and deeds BEYOND obscene

We view taking life as an everyday thing
Like to play, to laugh, to cry or to sing
We teach our children that killing is ok
As long as the victim has nothing to say!
We teach our kids that there’s always an excuse
For any form we choose, of animal abuse
We teach that eating animals is the only way
We need our protein at the end of the day!

Well maybe there REALLY is NEVER a reason
To take of a life, not even in season
Maybe our importance is blown out of proportion
Because animals, like us, are capable of emotion
That they have the right, just as much as we
To never be tortured, to be ‘allowed’ to be free
To feel the sun on their backs and smell the clean air
Maybe one day, more people will care…
And make a stand for the the voiceless billions we torture and
slaughter every year.