The vegan viewpoint on human supremacy and the 27 dead

The recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the world’s reaction to it called my attention to human supremacy and I wanted to ask vegetarians/vegans how they felt about the situation. The shooting which took 20 young lives is obviously a tragedy, but in America alone thousands of animals are slaughtered every day and barely anyone thinks twice about it. Are humans really that much more valuable/important than animals? What do you make of our grieving for the loss of humans and not animals? Please share how you viewed this tragedy through your vegan lens. Thank you.

I know that a lot of people were truly affected by this trajedy on an emotional level but for me personally, it is hard to be “shocked” by most things anymore. I guess it is because I am sensitive to what is going on with animals and the mass slaughtering that takes place on a daily basis. When you believe that animals deserve a certain level of respect and the right not to be tortured and abused for human utility but recognize that such things are happening everyday and the general public is, for the most part, aware of it and just doesn’t care, it seems almost impossible to be upset by other behaviors.