The Vegan Poem

This is my poem promoting the vegan lifestyle.
The thought of eating flesh, to many, is just vile.

We treat animals as though they were commodities.
It’s the humans here who appear to be oddities.

People drink milk as though it was water.
By drinking milk they actually support calf slaughter.

A constant supply of milk requires the animal’s imprisonment.
Can you believe its consumption is actually encouraged by our government?

Animal’s flesh is stolen from them to fill up a plate.
With so much plant life to eat this is such a mistake.

The body is a temple for the soul to use.
So why, these poor animals, do we abuse?

Their life we cut short. We should all get a clue!
We take away their temples before they are through!

“Thou shall not kill” was the commandment sent.
This didn’t mean just humans. It was all creatures that was meant.

“What would Jesus do?” some people insist.
If he saw how we treated animals, boy he’d be righteously indignant!

Every seed bearing plant shall be our food.
To think otherwise is more than just rude!

The wrong food choices put a strain on our environment.
It is leading to our own endangerment.

Are we all crazy? Are we insane?
When we destroy the earth, then who will we blame?

Are we in time? Is it too late?
Have we committed ourselves? Is the damage too great?

Mother Earth is dying. It’s just not right!
She needs our help. We have to fight!

Some people wonder: “what’s all the fuss?”
Well, we are killing the very planet that sustains us!

“Ignorance is bliss” is what some people choose to believe.
Destruction of mother earth is what ignorance will achieve.

This is really quite serious.
Our ignorance is actually killing us.

I have a pipe dream I must confess.
It would be so nice if we had help from our congress

I have no pity on those who push their pens,
To pass the laws, ignoring the who, what, why or whens.

It’s all in the name of the almighty buck!
Our so-called “leaders” don’t seem to give a damn!

I ask of you this: talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends.
Help them to understand. Together we can change these trends.

We must speak for the animals who do not have a voice.
We affect their lives when we make our choice.

A plant-based diet is what we should eat.
The flesh-eating lifestyle is now obsolete.

We can make a difference, you and I.
We can reverse these things gone awry.

It may take some effort. It may take some time.
One thing for sure: It’s an uphill climb.

Another thing is certain. I will continue to strive…
To make sure this planet does survive.

I hope you will do the same…