The Top 10 Super Vegans You've Never Heard Of...

The Top 10 Super Vegans You’ve Never Heard Of And Why You Might Want To Keep An Eye On Them

That’s really very informative and good article! Thanks.

great post!

well i brought this up for several reasons. one is it is a good list, i learned something.

but two, sarah kramer is not really a vegan, she is a lifestyle vegan. she brags about feeding her dog either
4D dog food link here or about feeding the dog the flesh of dead and murdered non-human animals on her now defunct message board. :unamused:

but i found a more recent quote here :

K : Do you feed Fergus vegan dog food?

sarah : No I don’t. Fergus is a dog. He eats meat. :unamused:

IMHO it’s paperthin commentary and shallow tunnelvision non-sequiturs like this that give vegans, veganism and ar activists a bad name. :cry:

and three, the owner of is censorship happy and posts silly “lead 'em to soft 'n fuzzy la-la land” articles, it’s an unfortunate bling-bling site and little else. free speech isn’t really allowed and until recently she gave mouthy non-vegans and semi-coherent insufficient omnivores plenty of elbow room. totally. effing. ridiculous.