The Sickness of Evil That Is........

Fox Hunting,
Im a proud vegitarian and when I see the fox hunting I feel sick and a tear comes to my eye, “Whos going to help out the little guy’s that are the poor fox’s and hounds that get tourchered”.

I want fox hunting banned, and the hound’s shouldnt be attacked if they dont kill a fox, its disgusting and want to get this off my chest, to me its like watching a human getting slaughtered, I get along better with animals than human’s I understand animal’s better.

What do you think about pro-hunting protests recently in London?

any low-life scum who feels the need to ADVOCATE the torture and death of innocence should be dragged from thier homes and families, forced to run in blind terror from something unknown but still intensly feared till they either a)drop dead or b)are killed in the most inhumane way possible, preferably by me. these people should not be allowed populate our world with sick, mind-glazed bandwagoners. direct action is what’s needed, none of this “use the government” bull shit, the government is them, they are the government. and nothing is going to change unless swift, direct action is taken. they don’t show mecy to the animals they tortue, slaughter, and more-often-then-not were doing it for sport, why should we stand back to be the compassionate pacifist? we are outnumered in sheer population, but not in determination and moral, these things should be channaled into actions that get RESULTS. why settle for improving a little of the world when a lot of improvement is desperately needed? we need to wake up and see reality, that our efforts are not enough, we need to do more. the torturing cornivores HAVE to be overrun, and if the only way to do that is violence, so be it. Veg*nism HAS to win, there is no other way.

Have you any constructive ideas, beside destroying and violence? I understand how you fell, but violence will brin just more violence.