The munchies!

Hello there.
What do you guys munch on? Any favorites?

Hi - how are things in Iceland? :smiley: I didn’t think it was a very veggie-friendly place?

I’m a total bread addict - so I snack on sandwiches, or sometimes I make a sort of Ploughman’s lunch: nice bread with sunflower spread, tomatoes, ploughman’s pickle (e.g. branston’s), pickled onions (or beetroot, or red cabbage), big olives or antipasti instead of the cheese, and an apple.

Though last week I tried making some vegan Lion bars. They were a bit messy, and really high sugar, but soooooooo nice :slight_smile: I made some soft toffee/caramel by boiling sugar and water in a pan. Then I mixed in rice crispies, sultanas and mixed nuts, and put the mixture in a tray (lined with greaseproof paper) in the fridge. When it solidified, I melted some dark chocolate, and poured it over the top. Then I left the mixture in the fridge over night, and sliced it into bars in the morning.

Can you give some examples?

Fruit Leather is my fav!

It happens.

anything like fresh fruits. and tofu dishes. i like those, i keep them handy and ready to eat, cause i am always on the go.

fashion craze

Are these what we eat while watching tv? Well since my father is diet conscious, we love eating sweet potato fries and veggie balls… I love eating veggie balls with lots of kinchay and celery…

I buy raw almonds and roast them at home without salt. We keep a bowl of them handy at all times. When I travel from home, I take a baggie full of delicious home-roasted almonds.

They are great just by themselves. Adding fruit to the snack can be even better. Usually a banana with almonds is my favorite snack - high protein, fiber, anti-oxidents, potassium - very satisfying and delicious.

To roast the almonds, place them on a baking sheet in a hot oven for about 5 minutes. Do not burn them! Take them out of the oven and immediately place them on a cool plate. Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes before eating. The cooling time is part of the process and the result is a wonderfully toasted, crisp almond.

(I use a toaster oven, start out with a cool oven, for a total time of 6 minutes.)

I also love almonds but everytime I eat them and the likes, pimples often come and visit me:D

I love cereal and biscuits. I have my cereal with chocolate soya milk. :cat:

that would be nice… double chocolate? chocolate cereals with chocolate soy milk :wink:

Humous and olives…delicious.

Hi Redsunflower! Is that black olives? or autumn olive? I haven’t tasted the autumn :smiley:

portobello mushroom burgers are delicious!