The most tasty vegan recipe cutlets

The most tasty vegan recipe cutlets

This vegan cutlets recipe will love all vegans and vegarians when they try it. Because these pirboles are very easy to make, the ingredients are very affordable at the price and location. Being vegan, they are almost daily, because they are satiated and healthy and very tasty. As an idea you can make more pirboles and make them frozen as daily to quickly make a satious catch or fast to fry a few when friends come to the feast. I hope I have motivated you to try this vegan cutlet recipe.

Boiled buckwheat - 200gr
Potato purée - 200 gr
Soya - 200 gr
Onion - 200 gr
Garlic - 50 gr
Black Pepper - 10 gr

Step 1
Soak the soy in the water for the night. Then you put it through the blender with milk. What happens when you squeeze that milk used in pirboles.

Step 2
In a large bowl put the soy, boiled buckwheat, potato mashed potatoes, onion and garlic. Mix the content very well to receive a homogeneous mass.

Step 3
Add salt and pepper. Add a little oil to make the table more consistent. If the dough dough is not well, then add a little potato flour and if you do not have it, see also the white flour. The white flour contains gluten, no nut.

Step 4
Put the pinnacles in the hand and put on the hot pan without oil. The fire must be slow or moderate, so our vegan pirboles will be better in the middle. If you see sticking to the pan, then put the oil in the dough and mix well. If the pirboles are glowing when you turn them, add some flour.

Step 5
Sprinkle on both sides. When a part is already brown, it can come back.

Step 6
Put the pinnacles on a plate to rest.

Step 7
Eat with pleasure.

Step 8
Share this vegan recipe to your friends if you liked it