The method of search?

I have been pondering the method of searching. We as individuals have our own way of searching for whatever. I use the English language and my knowledge of it. I try to combine the question related to the answer and vice versa. I have also noticed that each individual has there own method of searching and creating the question.

I am in debt with all of you for showing me the variety of ways to ask and give a answer to a question. But I am beginning to believe that the original search begins with understand the question! It is interesting how many factors and varibles are in the question and the answer. In philosophy as in history, all roads do not go to Rome.

The more I delve into philosophy I learn how many ways to ask a question, like a journalist, theirs more than one way to write a article, philosophy has showed me this. The title above also lets me say, I still search for the right method for me. Paul

this sounds like true philosophy :smiley:
very hard to understand.


I agree, searching and the art of questioning is really interesting…

For me there are 2 kinds of questions useful and useless. :slight_smile:

First kind of question may be interesting and entertaining but I can’t use the answer.
The question is usually why something happened, why something exists etc. It is more a philosophical question and you can talk a lot about why life exists and so on.

The second type of questions, the useful one answers to the question - How?
How something is happening, and how to do something. This question lets me understand the processes happening around me in such a way that I can use them.