The Killing Of Animals For Food Is Not Morally Wrong

A question frequently posed by vegetarians is: how can you justify killing an innocent animal for food? This question may seem difficult to answer at first but really it is not.

Would it be reasonable to ask a lion to justify his killing of an innocent gazelle? Of course not: it is natural for the lion to kill the gazelle and that is justification enough. And what of a gazelle’s right not to be eaten? Put this way, you can see that such questions are really meaningless. The same is true for us, for we are not a vegetarian species.

You can’t take examples from animal, otherwise rape, theft and murder can be justified. (Those monkeys steal from each other, why can’t we do the same?)

as well…

If we had large sharp teeth and claws, and could run 50 miles an hour, sure I’d eat meat too. Were at the technology age where we don’t actually have to hunt down and capture our foods. We just drive to the store and buy it.

(btw: it has been proven that humans digestive systems are in fact meant to be vegetarian…)

I’ve read this many places, but I’ve yet to see how something like that can be proven… any help?

Actually, human digestive systems are not entirely herbivorous, more like omnivorous, just in case of some drought or other disaster which would make vegetable food hard available (they would then eat carcass until it’s all back to normal). But since we live in quite comfortable world now, it’s no use in eating anything besides plants. The reasons to do that are many, and on the digestion grouds I can say that the intestines are too long for meat and it begins to rot in the mid-way, which, as you can imagine, is a bit unhealthy. Also, human has not meat-digesting enzymes and proper bacterias are not originally settled inside (that’s why a baby cannot eat meat or he/she will be poisoned to death), they’re introduced into the body by means of eating some weird Gerber pulps etc. Well… I’m too lazy to write more, but all I can say is that human is definitely herbivorous, but is also flexible to eat other things. Even if they make him live twice shorter and in worse conditions.
I wish you all good health.

            Hi, A lion or any wild animal is placed  in a state of instinct...without much in the way of choices..we on the other hand have free consider and choose. All are somwhat 'prisoners' of the diet we inherit from parents or caregivers until we reach a time to make choices, I am astonished when I read  posts of teens who have already made a vegan choice. It was not until college for me. Best of fortune, ak
                                                     Hi, I have heard that some believe that our bodies have a reduced waist compared to older species due to the new diet of meat eating..but I feel that is wrong. The appendix is suspected to be a vestigal organ to help digest plants..meat eating only serves to instill the desire to kill and other callous pursuits. A diet of vegetables must have been a complex and difficult one to gather for persons without a market full of options, and supplements we enjoy today. But the selection of such a diet, under those conditions, is profoundly admirable... to me. Best of fortune, ak
            Hi Fatal, 'Wild ' animals are directed, cheifly by instinct, not to be confused by free will that we enjoy, we must choose our mode of survival. Best of fortune, adam

I have been here for like 5 minutes and can already see that fatal error just likes to start crap.

Hi lovetomato, Yor time has been well spent, but it is a reasonable question as to why animals, depending upon instict to guide their way, and man with free will, to determine his (or her’s) makeup of meals… a complicated world no doubt. ak

Ive got some intresting reading on what humans are “made” to eat.
Unfortunally they are on swedish.
Lucy ower ancester, how lives for 3´000´000 to 3´900´000 years ago, lived on mostly vegetabils like flowers nuts fruits some fiber but also a great lot of insect like ant beetles worm like bugs, and some small animals. Guess something like rabbits rats doglike creatures, and sometimes bigger animals when found dead.

Those apes that are alike us in food digestion, eats some meat.

and so on. Is clear that we are meat eaters however today we eat more meat than we suppose to. We should eat more vegetabilies, but we shouldnt forget the meat either.

So everything that is natural for a animal is also evil. Like kissing, love, giving birth, eating ?

And your posting is more creative because ?

Actually those questions should be answered because we meet them often and we should know right answers, not only feel that we are right, it’s why I left those questions and haven’t delete them.

Yes, we shouldn’t forget it, there are a lot of soy analogues :wink:

Why would you say so?

I dont know what you mean with soy analogues. Please inform me with a private message. Thank you.

I said so because Sergio mentioned some bad things that animals do. To compare it with meat eating. Animals does things that are what we humans consider as good ethics and also bad. Like killing you own offspring, eating manure etc. But also animals do good things.
However a omnivor should eat some meat, and the only thing the lion needs to justifie its behavior is that the lion should eat. Thats justification enough for the lion.

We have some good textured vegetable protein here, which even some meat eaters prefer when we prepare it for barbeque.

Lion doesn’t justify anything when he wants to eat - he hunts and eat. People when hungry can do the following things:
Work and buy vegan food
Kill an animal and eat it
Steal some food
Kill some person and take his food (or his money and buy food)
You can see that he has some options which already are unethical, vegans just rise ethical standard higher.

So its just some vegan food that tastes good ?
So what, i like alot of vegan food that is very good to eat. However that is not what we were talking about.

This is a very narrow way to put things.

I think it’s very logical.

No its narrow.
Were is the alternative work and buy food why just vegan food ?
Your options are narrow and filled with YOUR opinion.
I´d like to talk ethics but with a starting like that… No thank you.

Because when you work and buy meat you’re supporting killing of animals, it’s equivalent with killing of those animals.

I understand that you don’t have other arguments on ethics.

I got plenty to say about ethics but not with a starter like that.
I will reply to other threads, and id like to discuss ethics.
But i will not waste my time in this thread.
Please reply to the other many thread under questions and answers wich is unreplied by vegans. Do you lack argumentation there just because you dont answer ?