The Interconnectedness of Life Fundraising Campaign

Hi everyone,

As you may know, my book The Interconnectedness of Life was just released December 2014 and I am now embarking on a a mission to film and produce a documentary film based on the book. Below is a little information about the film and Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

The Interconnectedness of Life is not just a movie, it truly is a fundamental new way of seeing the world, based on creating new communities of working by loving, instead of working by killing. The information and imagery will undoubtedly awaken the hearts of minds of many, and in return get them to make better lifestyle choices that benefit the planet, humans, and animals. We need to raise $25,000 by June 19 and if we get the complete funding, the film can go on to completion by 2017. If we do not receive full funding, all the money will be returned and no money will be made and this vital film may not be completed.

All we ask is everyone contributes at least $1.00 (we recommend the $25 perk which includes the digital film download or the $50 perk which includes the DVD copy of the film or the $85 perk which includes the blu-ray disc and paperback book) and sharing the campaign with everyone on various social media, through email and other means.

$25 x 1000 contributors = $25,000
$50 x 500 contributors = $25,000
$85 x around 295 contributors = $25,000

If we raise more we will be able to promote and marketing this important film to the world.

Where the money goes to:

  • Completion of the entire film (subtitles in English and Italian and dubbed in Italian)
  • 2 versions of the film (short 40-50min. and one full-length)
  • Additional film and computer equipment
  • Streaming the low-resolution of the film online for free
  • Multi-city theatrical release
  • Mastering a Digital Cinema Package (needed for theater screenings)
  • An aggressive PR and marketing strategy
  • Advertising
  • Events to raise awareness
  • DVD/Blu-ray production
  • Distribution
  • Legal counsel
    Contribute and share the following Indiegogo link now. We thank you for supporting a vital film that will make history and reshape the world we live in.

Michael Lanfield