The Greed of the West

WE take the grain from the mouths of the poor
To feed our cattle, to eat steaks, chops and MORE
Drink milk and eat eggs and luxuries unknown
to the starving millions in a far off home.
The irony is that WE raise cash for relief
When WE cause the hunger, our nation, the thief!
We steal the grain from the mouths of ‘their kids’
So we can buy ‘Happy Meals’ to feed to ‘our kids’!
We put our hands in our pockets and try to pretend
That we’re making a difference, bringing poverty to an end
Then we go home for tea of bacon and egg
Whilst those poor starving millions are too weak to beg
Eating millet and rice if they’re ‘the lucky’, ‘the blessed’
Knowing nothing of the injustice, the greed of the West

Damned straight!I’m glad I live in the East.