The Greater Good

We sew the eyes of monkeys
Burn the skins of rabbits,
Drill holes into the brains of cats,
We slice into mice,
Put pigs hearts in chimps,
And torture and suffocate rats.

We take babies from mothers
Slaughter mothers whilst pregnant,
Fetus’ twitch on the floor.
We slice throats of the conscious
Take the lives of newborns
Then hack them up with a saw!

We decide we can hurt
Any animal we choose
For the ‘greater good’ of man
Because they cannot scream out
They cannot TELL ALL
We arrogantly believe that we can.

We cause pain to the silent
For the sake of our bellies
Torture and slaughter for fun
We rip out the hearts,
Of the animals in labs
Then try to ‘condone’ what we’ve done!

‘Custom can resign us,
to any atrocity’
George Bernard Shaw rightly said,
So, it seems we’ll keep on
Torturing and slaughtering,
Till all fellow creatures are dead.

Thank you for these heartfelt words.

Very moving. – :cry:

Good poem. – :thumbleft:


Bloody Hell!