The "End" of the story?

Hi folks,

First post to this forum and I’m afraid it’s a topic not often raised in public.

I’ve been a vegetarian for years and about 6 weeks ago made the switch to vegan. That was pretty easy as two thirds of my meals were already vegan.

What I’m writing about today is a problem that started before the switch to vegan. Over the last year, and even more over the last 6 months, I’ve added lots of beans/lentils and removed a fair amount soy from my diet so that soy is typically no more than 9 meals (of 21) a week, mainly breakfast (soymilk). It may or may not be coincidence, but I’ve noticed two things.

First, and for want of a better description, my stool has gone from well form and almost cake like to more like a tootsie roll (very dark but not blood, I had it tested) and much harder. My movements aren’t satisfying like they used to be.

The other change is the smell of my gas has changed quite a bit. So much so that even I find it unpleasant.

Has anyone had this experience and if so, what if anything did you do about it that worked.

Steve (55 years/Male)
P.S. Sorry for the topic but hey, if I don’t ask, I won’t learn!